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Internet Bingo Casinos - Go Bingo is dedicated to keeping land bingo and online bingo players abreast of what is going on in the world of bingo. Our Bingo News are posted daily and refer to any kind of bingo you can imagine: charity bingo, online bingo, land based bingo, family bingo, mobile phone bingo, etc.

Graeme Levin, one of Bingotek's founders and former operator of, said: "We aim to propel the traditional gaming experience to a brand new level with a proposition that will please and delight novice and experienced gamers alike."

Have a plan for when to stop. Some folks call it quits when they're up by 50%. Some when they've doubled their session bankroll. Others bail when the tide turns and they lose 20% of their winnings. Whatever your break-point, it's important to have one and stick to it. Otherwise you'll just keep playing until you can't and by then you'll have lost all the money you won. Forget the pot of gold, take the fistful of dollars. Greedy players make big losers. Turn to free bingo if you want to continue playing, but always have a rule that tells you when to stop playing with real money! Try free bingo today at

He continued to suggest that the launch wouldn’t be affected by the pending Internet gaming prohibition vote passing through the United States Senate. “Our analysts say that with only about seven or eight weeks left for this newly merged House bill to wind itself through the various Senate committees, is not enough time for the bill to progress further,” he said.

He was about 1.62 m high. Some people said this wasn't very high, but Bingo always easily compensated his lack of height with the size of his belly ('nothing but muscle', he claimed...).

Here comes the fun part! Every night, after 8:00pm EST, you can log into your account and go to the Santa calendar and open that day’s window to reveal your special prize for the day. The prizes daily range from bbz to cash to entries into the dash for cash lottery and even FREE CARDS for the end of the promotion special games in the BOB Blackout room. Merry Christmas J Ok, you can’t log into your account after 8pm today so you think you don’t get the prize? Think again!! You do not even have to OPEN the window to get it. It’s all automatically posted to your account. WOW, Merry Christmas again.

How are players tracked to me? Every banner or pop-up or email promotion we provide you with includes a unique Campaign ID Tracking Code that accurately identifies your customer as coming from your site. Your Affiliate ID is permanently associated to their account so you will always be credited with that player's action at our partners’ sites.

How many times has this happened to you? I’m playing Bingo all day at my favorite online bingo site. I’m getting really close every game to bingo, 2tg, 1tg but I can’t seem to get that last number for a green card so that I can yell “BINGO”. I quietly keep logging in and logging out, hoping to change my luck. Suddenly I notice that there are a few bingo roomies pleading for their last number, and BINGO, they get it!

However, during this year’s World Cup, some UK-based online casino and bingo sites reported a major increase in the numbers of women playing at casinos to pass their evenings, while their significant others watched soccer. Women may also take pleasure in betting on entertainment issues involving the lives of celebrities. One online casino offered entertainment wagers, reported on women being a third of its registered users, but making up 45% of the entertainment bets. Overall, the online casino industry reports that on average there are around 30% of woman betters. The numbers are expected to increase thanks to many more new steps that are catered for women.

However, some fees may be applied to you by your credit card company or bank depending on how you want to send us money, or how you want to receive it. For example, if you send money to us by NETeller, then NETeller charges will apply. Or if you request a withdrawal and want us to wire you the money, you will be charged a wire fee by your bank, and by us depending on the amount of transfer.

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